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View the story by entering the name of the alien you found in the field below.

This is how it works

Find the sticker:

For now there are just a few selected locations where you can find the stickers. Check out the featured location section for more information on where to find the stickers.

Scan the sticker:

You can scan the sticker by using the noizybutpurple app or by using NFC.

Via the noizybutpurple app

Just go to the noizybutpurple app and take a photo of the sticker, the app will do the rest!


Android: You just need to turn on NFC in your settings. Therefore go to Settings and then search for NFC. Click on “NFC” and turn it on. After that you just need to hold your phone close to the alien. If it does not work instantly, move your phone around a little until the phone recognizes the NFC tag.

iPhone XS and newer:Good news! NFC is enabled by default. You just need to hold your phone near the alien.If it does not work instantly, move your phone around a little until the phone recognizes the NFC tag.

iPhone 7 to iPhone X: You need to download an app. I recommend you to use GoToTags.

iPhone 6 and older: SSadly, Apple restricted iPhone 6 from using the NFC functionality even if you have iOS 11 installed. But good news! You can also use the new noizybutpurple app

Read the story:

Remember the name to view the story again later by typing in the name of the alien in the Who did you find section.

Featured locations

What is DidYouFind

Are you tired of seeing the same old art everywhere you go? Look no further than DidYouFindMySticker, an interactive art project that encourages you to get up and explore your surroundings. Unlike most street art, which is often too large to miss, DidYouFindMySticker is waiting to be discovered by those who are curious enough to seek it out.

DidYouFindMySticker connects the worlds of street art and digital art in a way that's never been done before. Each sticker features a unique alien character with a story to tell. Simply use the noizybutpurple app or touch the NFC tag with your NFC enabled phone, and the story will be revealed right before your eyes. Tell your friends!