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This is how it works

Find the sticker:

For now there are just a few selected locations where you can find the stickers. Check out the featured location section for more information on where to find the stickers.

Scan the sticker:

You can scan the sticker by using NFC on your smartphone. How you can access NFC depends on the smartphone you use.

Android: You just need to turn on NFC in your settings. Therefore go to Settings and then search for NFC. Click on “NFC” and turn it on.

iPhone 7 and newer: You need to download an app. I recommend you to use GoToTags.

iPhone 6 and older: Sorry guys but it seems that you need a new phone :P Sadly, Apple restricted iPhone 6 of using the NFC functionality even if you have iOS 11 installed.

Read the story:

Remember the name to view the story again later by typing in the name of the alien in the Who did you find section.

Featured locations

What is DidYouFind

Most art is just there to get looked at. But DidYouFindMySticker is art that people can interact with. Most art is so big it can not be overlooked. But DidYouFindMySticker is art you need to find. Most art is just for selected people. But DidYouFindMySticker is accessible to everyone. DidYouFindMySticker is an art project which connects streetart with new media art. Each alien sticker has a unique story to tell and by using NFC tags this story will be opened directly on your phone when it touches the sticker. DidYouFindMySticker wants to reach people where they are and have time to enjoy art. If you think about public places where people enjoy spending their time what comes to your mind? Right cafes, restaurants, stores, parks and definitely a lot more.

AND THIS IS HOW YOU CAN HELP! Feature DidYouFindMySticker in your cafe, restaurant, store or anywhere else and tell your friends about the project. If you want to collaborate or you know someone who might - let's get in touch and I will send you a starter pack of DidYouFindMySticker including 5 stickers and instructions for free. You then just need to sticker them around your venue and your guests can enjoy art while they are waiting, eating, drinking or shopping.